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Nerak Consulting Health & Safety Services

Management Systems

Health and safety legislation impacts on the vast majority of business operations, although how compliance is achieved can vary considerably. So, whether it is about knowing where your organisation’s own processes need supplementing or if specialist intervention is required, Nerak Consulting ensures support is integrated where it is needed. This sees compliance become more of a value-added activity as opposed to just identifying non-compliance or gaps in your processes.

Nerak Consulting’s most popular health and safety management services include:

  • Strategic and operational level reviews/assessments of your health and safety management system;
  • Compliance based gap analysis;
  • Workplace risk assessments;
  • Senior management health and safety briefings;
  • Risk management briefings;
  • Health and safety policy and meeting support;
  • Liaison and support with enforcing agencies.

Nerak Consulting can carry out formal audits and management reviews to evaluate the overall performance of your health and safety management system and provide proactive advice on how to improve it.

Annual Planning and Reporting

When we work with you, we will provide a health and safety annual report which summarises your year’s health and safety performance. It is also a useful document to maintain senior managements awareness of all health and safety aspects of their business.

The primary aim of the report is to identify and document your health and safety performance against your overarching health and safety objectives that are set at the planning stage.

The Health and Safety Annual Report template includes:

  • Health and safety policy and organisation;
  • Strategies in place to manage health and safety risks;
  • Health and Safety goals for the preceding year;
  • Health and Safety goals for the forthcoming year;
  • Communication strategy;
  • Incident and accident data;
  • Overview of Health and Safety training.

Risk Assessments

PCBUs must complete written risk assessments on activities that could, or do, present a significant health and safety risk to either workers or others affected by your activities.  These will be carried out at places where the risk is likely to be encountered, and those at risk must be informed of results, procedures and of any significant change to them.

A risk assessment is the careful examination of what could cause harm to people whilst at work. The overall aim should always be to ensure that enough precautions have been taken to prevent harm from happening.  This process involves the identification of hazards arising out of work activities and evaluating the extent of the risks and hazards involved, taking into account the existing precautions and their effectiveness.

e can assist you in carrying out risk assessments in your workplace which are proportionate to the type of activities that you carry out. We achieve this by:

  • Identifying the need for specific workplace risk assessments during our Health and Safety Audits and Inspection.
  • Assisting in carrying out risk assessments that require specialist knowledge or expertise.
  • Ensuring that systems are in place to inform employees about risk control measures.
  • Ensuring that risk assessments are reviewed.

Incident Investigations

Often, the same accidents and incidents reoccur again and again, causing suffering and distress to an ever-widening circle of workers and their families.

The investigation and analysis of work-related accidents and incidents forms an essential part of managing health and safety. However, learning the lessons from what you uncover is at the heart of preventing accidents and incidents.

Nerak Consulting will help you to adopt a systematic approach to determining why an accident or incident has occurred and the steps you need to take to make sure it does not happen again.

Using the the fishbone model, (also called a cause-and-effect diagram) for identifying and categorising potential causes of a problem to identify root cause/s of accidents and incidents, we will:

  • Carry out an investigation that involves an analysis of all the information available, physical (the scene of the incident), verbal (the accounts of witnesses) and written (risk assessments, procedures, instructions, job guides etc.), to identify what went wrong and determine what steps must be taken to prevent the adverse event from happening again.
  • Carry out an investigation which identifies root causes so that you can learn from their past failures and prevent future failures.

Dealing with the immediate causes of an adverse event may provide a short-term fix. However, in time, the underlying/root causes that were not addressed will allow conditions to develop where further adverse events are likely, possibly with more serious consequences. We will ensure that that the immediate, underlying causes and root causes are all identified and advice will be given.

Ensuring that the investigation is thorough and structured to avoid bias and false conclusions is of upmost important to us.  A good investigation involves a systematic and structured approach.

In the event of a serious workplace accident or near miss, our  health and safety consultants can provide assistance on site and liaise with enforcement authorities as required.

Audits and Inspections

Our health and safety audits:

  • are carried out by experienced and fully qualified consultants;
  • assess the extent to which your business complies with relevant legislation;
  • review your businesses health and safety policies, arrangements and management systems;
  • cover the requirement to manage health and safety risks.

Following the audit, we carry out a workplace health and safety inspection, which includes:

  • a comprehensive inspection of the workplace;
  • an overview of health and safety compliance;
  • advice and guidance on compliance with health and safety legislation and best practice;
  • speaking with employees where appropriate.

Findings and recommendations from the health and safety audit are recorded in a comprehensive report, which includes:

  • an executive summary with prioritised findings and recommendations;
  • photographs;
  • an action plan covering all findings and recommendations;
  • health and Safety Management Audit Checklist, Workplace Inspection Checklist, Health and Safety Document Audit.

Client Tenders

Our consultants have valuable experience in providing health and safety information to organisations as part of the client tender process. This could provide a valuable advantage in winning contracts.

Increasingly, organisations want assurance that the clients and contractors that they deal with are compliant with the appropriate health and safety requirements. This may also be a requirement of their insurers.

The effective maintenance of relevant health and safety procedures and documentation is a big step towards satisfying potential clients and keeping existing clients.

Nerak Consulting can support your business in tendering by assisting you in becoming compliant with necessary health and safety legislation.

Committees and Action Planning

Employers are obliged to consult employees on health and safety matters and Nerak Consulting encourages the formation of a Health and Safety Committee or informal meetings to spread the ownership of health and safety across your business.

We can assist in the setting up of a committee, meeting or forum and take an active part in running the agenda.

Health and Safety Committees

Safety Committees general objectives and functions could include:

  • Promotion of co-operation between employers and their employees;
  • Advising the employer on adequacy of policies, safe systems of work and safety rules;
  • Studying the effectiveness of health and safety training;
  • Studying health and safety statistics;
  • Studying audit reports and inspectors’ reports;
  • Forming liaison links with the enforcing authority.

Employers may also set up a Safety Committee comprising of employee representatives where there is no recognised trade union or where there is a trade union, representatives of employee safety covering employees not represented by a trade union may also be included.

Relevant employees have a duty to co-operate with the employer by being part of the Committee. The committee should consist of members from management, representatives’ and relevant technical specialists such as health and safety advisers.


You may have already decided to outsource your health and safety service due to a corporate policy or re-organisation. Alternatively, you may be aware that other companies outsource their health and safety services and you are interested in the benefits of doing this yourselves.

Whether or not you outsource, you have a duty to ensure that you have health and safety support and systems in place. All employers must ensure that people are safe during their business activities and that all workers have a proportionate level of health and safety understanding.

Failure to have robust policies and practices can lead to significant business costs ranging from downtime, reputational damage, absenteeism and of course, personal liability for Directors and possibly employees.

Does your company need to outsource health and safety?

The ever-changing legislation is wide-ranging and industry-specific. Health and safety management can sometimes be a challenging role, so there are many benefits of outsourcing that responsibility to an expert.  Nerak Consulting consultants are fully trained with years of experience in the industry. If you decide you want to outsource health and safety, we can offer a flexible, tailored service to suit your requirements.


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