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SafePlus News - February 2018

New sector-specific Guidance and Resources

Worksafe'sfree Resources and Guidance explain SafePlus performance requirements, their maturity scales, and what they look like in practice. We have three new specific performance requirements documents for the energy, emergency services and transport sectors.

The generic version of the performance requirements is suitable for all businesses, while specific versions have been developed for sectors where health and safety is a key focus area. The team are currently working on two more sector versions - healthcare services and forestry.

Lead indicator guidance

To assist businesses to focus on lead indicators, Worksafe have developed some guidance. The lead indicator guidance includes examples of acute safety risks and work-related health risks by sector.

Check out the Resources and Guidance section of Worksafe's website for more information.

And more:

  • Accredited Assessors available for hire
  • Assessor training scheduled for March
  • SafePlus interview with PeopleSafe
  • What's coming up

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