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Asbestos - Safety management system on a page

To clear up confusion on what a safety management system is, Worksafe have created a visual one-page graphic that helps make it easy to see what’s required.

The term safety management system conjures up images of a complex document that is in addition to the work that you already may do.

But if you look at the graphic you’ll see that the majority of the system is made up of the plans, procedures and tasks you do already.

The document was produced off the OHSAS 18001 standard but applies just as effectively for the AS/NZS 4801.2001 standard. Obviously, you will still need to discuss your situation with your auditor to understand what else they want to see.

Costs of certification

You may have heard rumours that it's cheaper and easier to get certified under a generic scheme.

Regardless of which scheme your safety management system is certified under, the assessment body must take into account the specific requirements of the asbestos regulations. Our scheme makes things easier for the certification body to do this, so Worksafe advise you to be sceptical of any assessment body claiming this.

Worksafe are working with JAS-ANZ to ensure that assessment bodies carry out their work properly under our scheme. Worksafe are unable to provide you with a similar assurance with regard to certifications under the generic scheme.

WorkSafe standard

Many of you know that Worksafe worked with JAS-ANZ and industry to produce a new accreditation scheme specifically for Class A removalists, based on OHSAS 18001.

It is more specific to the work of Class A asbestos removalists and provides you with greater assurance that your safety management system is fit-for-purpose.

We recommend that you have a look at the document, even if you are not being audited to this scheme, as it is loaded with links back to the ACOP. It is free for you to read and may be useful even if you are being audited to the generic AS/NZS 4801.2001 or OHSAS 18001 standards.

Training update

There is still a shortage of New Zealand based accredited training courses available. The Australian based courses are a great way to be ready when the transitional arrangements in the regulations expire on 4 April 2018.

Greencap is presently the only provider who can train to the NZQA standards. Worksafe are working with industry to get additional training providers, and we’ll keep you updated on this.

Key dates for licence related applications

04 January 2018:

All new licence applications should contain the pre-requisites - training records and evidence of a certified safety management system - to be processed. If it is not provided, your application will not be processed until this information is provided. 

Worksafe will also cease issuing any licences with the transitional conditions from this date. 

04 February 2018:

Requests for supervisors to be added to existing licences must include proof of training from this date to be processed further. Any Class A licence holder who wishes to change to Class B must have applied for their Class B licence by 04 February 2018 to ensure it is processed in time for 04 April 2018.

04 March 2018:

All transitional requirements should be provided by this date to ensure that the licence is re-issued by 04 April 2018.


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