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Why Choose Nerak Consulting?

When a company has an effective health and safety management system in place, it’s something you can sense as soon as you walk onto their premises.  An air of calm efficiency transmits a feeling of reassurance to employees, suppliers and customers.

The tangible benefits go way beyond a company’s enhanced professional image and compliance with workplace law.  There are real practical benefits which improve the efficiency and productivity of your workforce not forgetting lower insurance premiums and the massively reduced risk of expensive legal claims against your company.

With so much at stake, the potential risks associated with creating your own health and safety policy are just too high.  The complexities of legal and social obligations nowadays make it essential to bring in expert health and safety consultants like Nerak Consulting.

At Nerak Consulting, we believe that the secret to doing it well – to making your health and safety good for your business - is knowing where your company’s own roles need to be supplemented by the resources of external health and safety consultants to form a complete, compliant set of activities.

To give just one example, if publicised checks on compliance, or more effective management of risk can reduce employee absenteeism by one day per employee per year, that is a huge boost to productivity and profitability.

Nerak Consulting offers consulting and advisory services to all industries across New Zealand, including construction, civil, manufacturing, engineering, retail, hospitality, health, agricultural, transportation and many others.In addition to this, we will work with any business from a one-man-band to large corporates.

We tailor our consultancy services to our customer’s needs, looking at strategic and operational needs, current and emerging risks, and showing you how to manage those risks intelligently.

We employ qualified consultants who can work with you to implement or review your health and safety system.  We don't just give you the tools and resources, we support you throughout the entire process, offering advice and expertise to ensure your system is simple, efficient and compliant.

Our consultants work in a variety of different locations meaning we can provide you with a fast, efficient, cost-effective solution to your health and safety requirements, no matter where you are based in the country.Our simple to use tools and software provide a step-by-step solution to what can be perceived as a daunting task when implementing an effective health and safety management system.

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