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Asbestos Update - Hold the right unit for the job

Your workers must hold the relevant certifications for the asbestos removal work they are employed to carry out.

The relevant unit standards for asbestos work are:
Unit standard 29765 to undertake class B work;
Unit standard 29766 to undertake class A work.

To clarify: if you are doing class B work, then you must hold the unit 29765 and if you are doing class A work, then you must hold unit 29766. Holding unit 29766 does not entitle you to undertake class B work. 

Different Training

The training and qualification requirements for class A asbestos removal are different from those for class B asbestos removal - because of the differences between removal practices for friable and non-friable asbestos.

Safe Work Instrument

This information is consistent with the  WorkSafe Asbestos Prescribed Relevant Courses Safe Work Instrument, released 8 May 2017, which states the relevant courses for those wishing to undertake friable and non-friable asbestos removal work.

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